SP3 - Smart flexible distribution system: planning and operation

The energy transition for achieving the EU clean energy for all Europeans calls for paradigm changes in the energy mix and technologies to be deployed. The distribution network in response of this need is being transformed in the process, to be active, digitalised, smart and adaptive. Flexibility will prevail on all active elements constituting the network and it is in the objectives of Sub Programme 3 of EERA JP for SG to address the technology solutions that will support this transition including the innovative concept of the Web-of-Cells developed within the ELECTRA IRP project. The aim is to further develop the concept within the EERA JP for Smart Grids activity, adapting the control schemes  to  the decentralized architecture capable of managing sources of flexibility including adaptive demand and storage, serving the needs of distributed energy sources and systems including active energy communities.


Venizelos Efthymiou SP3 Coordinator
FOSS (Cyprus)