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News 28 November 2023

EU Commission adopts an Action Plan to accelerate the roll-out of electricity grids

The Commission has published an action plan on electricity grids to ensure that they operate more efficiently and are installed more quickly. The plan will contribute to the realisation of the European Grean Deal as interconnected, stable energy networks are the backbone of the EU's internal energy market and are key to enabling the green transition. The Commission has already prepared a supportive legal framework for the deployment of electricity grids across Europe. With the full integration of EU markets, a modernised infrastructure network will ensure that citizens and businesses benefit from cheaper and cleaner energy. The action plan aims to address the main challenges related to the expansion, digitisation and better use of electricity transmission and distribution networks in the EU. It identifies concrete, tailor-made actions to help unlock the investment needed to bring Europe's electricity networks up to speed. Actions focus on implementation and rapid deployment to make a difference in time for the 2030 targets.